Objective: The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on upper cervical adjustments in the pediatric patient. Data Source: The data was extracted from indexed and non-indexed sources with four computer-based systems, namely Mantis, Medline, Index to the Chiropractic Literature, and Chirolars. Non-indexed literature was reviewed manually utilizing references from journals and textbooks. Titles were selected from these references according to subject relevance.

Study Selection: Articles were selected on the effects of upper cervical chiropractic adjustments and more specifically, on infants and small children. It should be noted that due to the overwhelming number of documents for review and the difficulty of retrieving from certain sources, some article summaries by secondary authors have also been included.

Conclusion: This review identified approximately 58 articles on chiropractic care of the pediatric patient. All of the literature presented here involve upper cervical adjustments, utilizing both upper cervical and full spine chiropractic techniques. This review summarizes 25 studies documenting the positive outcomes on over one thousand children under chiropractic care.

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