Dr. DeJarnette’s Hypothesis

In the early 1960’s, Dr. DeJarnette gave Dr. M. L. Rees research data for a promising new hypothesis, Dr. Rees took it further by mapping points on the skull and their relationships to the spine, organs, and glands. The Temporal Sphenoidal Line and its associated family of diagnostic points on the skull and Soft Tissue Orthopedic corrections was the end result.

 Dr. M. L. Rees

  1. Developed and Researched the Temporal Sphenoidal Technique as connected with the Original Bloodless Surgery Techniques of Dr. M.B. DeJarnette
  2. Developer of family of diagnostic procedures (Temporal Sphenoidal Line, LCS Line, SPIL Line, H Line, AIM Line)
  3. Author of the classic The Art and Practice of Chiropractic
  4. Founder of the International Systemic Health Organization
  5. Honored with the Todde De Jarnette 25 Year Service Pin

The Rees Archives

In 2011, Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis received from Dr. Rees’ son & daughter, Michael Rees and Debra Rees an enormous amount of archived research that spans over half a century.There were over thirty boxes, that consisted of loose leaf binders, audio tapes, 16 mm reels, floppy discs, and videos of Soft Tissue Orthopedics, Craniopathy, and other Advanced Chiropractic Techniques. All of this material is being digitized and uploaded onto the Archives.

As of July 2013, there are currently 75 entries in the Archives. These are PDF’s, Audio and Video clips which have all been digitized from Dr. Rees’ original documents. These fall under 29 Subcategories of Research.

Secondary to the cost of storing and digitizing this large volume of material, there is a small yearly fee to gain unlimited access and the ability to download all materials.


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