ATLANTIS – Paradise Island Bahamas

Wednesday Feb 27th – Friday March 1st, 2019



SCUHS – Whittier, California

October 13-14, 2018: SOT Part Two
November 17-18, 2018: CMRT: Part Three
December 8, 2018: Extremity Technique: Part Four

Northern California Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) Certification Series
Hilton Garden Inn – San Jose, California

October 6, 2018: SOT Cranial Technique: Registration Closed
November 17-18, 2018: SOT Cranial Technique: Part Two Registration Closed
January 19-20, 2019: SOT Cranial Technique: Part Three Registration Closed
February 16, 2019: SOT Cranial Technique: Part Four Registration Closed

Daytona Beach Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) Certification Series
Hilton Garden Inn – Daytona Beach

New dates for part 4 will be announced soon.

Who We Are


SOTO-USA is a501(c)(3) non- profit organization which promotes the teaching and research of the Sacro Occipital Technique method of chiropractic. Founded and developed over 70 years by Dr Major Bertrand DeJarnette, Sacro Occipital Technique offers an indicator based,comprehensive approach to patient assessment and treatment. SOTO-USA looks to not only lead the chiropractic profession but to champion the concept that through understanding and cooperation between disciplines, excellence in patient care can be achieved.


What We Offer



The Annual Clinical Symposium is an open forum produced each spring. At this meeting like-minded professionals have the opportunity to learn new clinical skills and to network together. The Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference is held at each Clinical Symposium and includes research paper presentations as well as panel discussions.

Special member discount benefits are available for quality professional journals, office supplies and a variety of texts and book publications.

Our Certification courses feature one and two-day seminars on Sacro-Occipital Technique, Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy Technique (CMRT), SOT Extremity Technique, Cranial Work, Pediatrics, TMJ therapeutic treatment and dental-chiropractic co-management protocols.

We preserve the work of Dr DeJarnette yet include advanced updated material based on current evolving evidence-based literature. Regional seminars are offered throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Please visit the Events and Seminars page for further information.


Become a Member

There are many reasons to become a member of the SOTO community. We offer discounts on seminars as well as Continuing Education Credits and more.

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Visit our book store where you can find some of our latest books and materials to help you in your practice. While you there you can also find some tools as well.

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Come and see some of the latest events and seminars available to you. We offer courses to help you to continue your education and to learn the latest practices.

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