Ferrante RJ, Klein AM, Dedeoglu A, Beal MF  J Mol Neurosci  2001 Aug;17(1):89-96

Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center, Bedford VA Medical Center,MA 01730, USA.

EGb761 is a standardized extract of green Gingko biloba, which exerts protectiveeffects against mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress. We examined whether oral administration of 0.022% or 0.045% EGb761 in the diet could impart neuroprotective effects in a transgenic mouse model (G93A) of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS). EGb761 significantly improved motor performance and survival, andprotected against a loss of spinal-cord anterior motor horn neurons in male G93A mutant transgenic ALS mice, but not in litter mate female mutant transgene mice. While EGb761 extended survival in litter mate female G93A mice, significance was not reached. EGb761, however, significantly improved weight loss in both male and female transgenic ALS mice. These findings provide evidence for a gender-specific neuroprotective effect of EGb761 in a transgenic model of ALS and suggest that EGb761 may be a potential effective treatment inpatients with ALS.

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