Jamison J  Chiropractic Journal of Australia 1994  Sep; 24(3):  83-90


ABSTRACT: Objective: To contribute to the chiropractic management of rheumatoid arthritis by providing:

  • i) an overview of current nutritional management, and
  • ii) a summary of common drug side-effects.


Data Sources: Peer reviewed referred journals.


Study Selection: Various Data Extraction and Synthesis: This was undertaken with a view to providing practitioners with a appreciation of how contemporary knowledge in biochemistry and physiology is being used as a basis for nutritional intervention in practice. Current nutritional management of rheumatoid arthritis is reviewed, and practitioners are reminded of the problems which rheumatoid patients may suffer as a result of their drug therapy.


Conclusion: Although the nutritional management of rheumatoid arthritis requires further clinical validation, there is strong evidence to suggest that patients on appropriate nutritional supplementation may reduce their intake of anti-rheumatoid drugs without suffering deterioration in their arthritis.

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