Journal of Neurotherapy  2003 Spr; 7(1):  73-4


ABSTRACT: Introduction:  The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of EEG biofeedback using interhemispheric EEG training protocols on attention deficit disorders.


Method:  Neurofeedback protocols included T3-T4, Fp1-Fp2, F3-F4 employing a wide range of reward frequencies. The training group was comprised of 33 males and females, age range from 7 to 62 who were being treated for a variety of different disorders. Changes in attentional ability were measured through the use of a continuous performance test (TOVA) which was administered prior to the start of EEG training and every 20 to 25 sessions thereafter.


Results:  There was a clear trend towards normalization on both the impulsivity and inattention scales. Those with normal pre-training scores showed no deterioration in their performance indicating that homologous site interhemispheric EEG training has no deleterious effect on attention. In addition, variability and response time were largely in the normal range for this population and remained unchanged following training.


Conclusions:  These early results suggest that interhemispheric training using sequential site configurations offers additional protocol options for addressing attention deficits. Since ADD is a frequent comorbidity with many disorders (including head injury, autism, depression and anxiety), addressing the primary symptom will often lead to a resolution of attentional problems as a secondary effect. Such was the case with most of the persons in this study.

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