Bonci AS, Verni LJ  Chiropractic Technique 1998 Nov; 10(4): 179-80

This letter to the editor by Bonci and Verni was responding to an article [Connelly DM, Rasmussen SA The effect of cranial adjusting on hypertension: A case report Chiropr Technique 1998;10(2):75-8] with the caution “that the observed phenomena was largely anatomical and lacking a solid physiological basis.” He notes that not all conditions of hypertension would respond favorably to vagal stimulation. In addition, the success of some chiropractic adjustments for hypertension “may not be operating directly on the preganglionic motor fibers of the autonomic nervous system. Rather, the adjustment may be exerting its effects via centrally mediated autonomic mechanisms. Sensory input to the hypothalmic nuclei may be at work to ‘reset the balance’ between sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.” The response by Connelly and Rasmussen noted that there is some research supporting the affects of cranial bone manipulation and its affect on the brain as well as its affect on the autonomic nervous system. They concluded, “Obviously, more research needs to be performed which measures specific neurochemical changes that occur as a result of cranial adjustments.”

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