Sandefur R, Adams E  Journal of Chiropractic  1987 Dec; 24(12):  21-25


ABSTRACT: Autism is a severe behavioral and neurological disorder involving or inappropriate use of language, bizarre behaviors and an insistence on sameness. A systematic series of chiropractic adjustments was administered to six autistic children to see if behavioral or neurological remediations would occur concomitant to treatment. The subjects were recruited from a Kansas City area specialized facility.  Data used for the study were collected by the classroom teachers. Those behaviors that remained fairly constant prior to treatment were selected for analysis. Results were divided into observable effects and no observable effects. All of the observable effects that occurred following intervention were in the desired direction. Behavioral improvements were observed in such diverse areas as picking up toys, use of sign language, reduction of self-abuse and appropriate use of language.  It is hoped that this pilot study will generate further research into the effects of chiropractic adjustments on similar neurological disorders.

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