The Dural Connection: October 1999 – July 2002 was the first publication of the Sacro Occipital Technique Organization – USA and produced and edited by Robert Monk, DC. The following information will help illustrate the history of SOTO-USA and its grand aspirations many of which have been accomplished and others still in process.

Please see the various editions of this newsletter in chronological order from most recent to the oldest.

The Dural Connection, July 2002, Volume 4, Number 1

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RD. Taking SOT to New Heights.
Blum CL. SOTO-USA Holds Historic Cranio-Dental Clinical Conference.
Monk R. Reflections on the 2nd Annual ‘HOT’ Conference.
Benner C. SOTO-USA Certification Process Now in Place.
Blum CL. TMJ Exercises for Patients.
Leonardi L. SOTO-USA Offers World-Wide Mission.

The Dural Connection, October 2001, Volume 3, Number 2

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RD. Who Are We?
Monk R. SOTO-USA Holds 2nd Annual Clinical Symposium.
Benner C. SOTO-USA Certifies SOT Practitioners
Steigerwald D. Headaches & Neck Pain…Symptoms of Whiplash Induced TMJ Injuries.
Blum CL. 6th Annual Research Agenda Conference.
NCRT Committee. Nasal Cranial Release Technique (NCRT).
Monk R. SOTO-USA Represented at AAPM Clinical Meeting.
Blum CL. DeJarnette’s Methods and Wisdom Regarding ‘The Emotional Distortion.’
Monk R. The Universal Picture of SOT.

The Dural Connection, May 2001, Volume 3, Number 1

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RDThe Year of SOTO-USA
Rosen MSOTO-USA Attends World Chiropractic Alliance Symposium
Monk RSOTO-USA’s First “HOT” Conference
Denton DGVector Point Therapy
Monk RDr. Cleo Bludworth at SOTO-USA ‘HOT’ Conference
Blum CLSOTO-USA Meets SOTO-Australasia Down Under
Benner CSOTO-USA Announces Certification Program
Berman SBirth Molding and Obstetric Trauma – Skull Joint Pathology and the Need for Treatment
Rosen MPediatric Certification Program

The Dural Connection, November 2000, Volume 2, Number 3

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RDThe Making of History
Blum CLA Word of Thanks
Monk RApplied Kinesiology: In the Beginning by George J. Goodheart, Jr., DC
Blum CLWriting a Case Report
Ward RWWhy Write Case Reports?

The Dural Connection, July 2000, Volume 2, Number 2

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RDLearning, Sharing, and Teaching SOT
Monk RCompendium of Peer Reviewed Sacro-Occipital Technique Research: Now Available
Blum CLSphenobasilar Ranges of Motion
Crisera PThe cytological Implications of Primary Respiration: Abstract

The Dural Connection, March 2000, Volume 2, Number 1

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RDThe Road Less Traveled
Blum CLSOTO-USA President’s Address
Smith GHCraniodontics-Chiropractic/Dental Approach to Healing

The Dural Connection, October 1999, Volume 1, Number 1

Table of Contents
Klingensmith RDA New Day Dawning
Blum CLSOT Related Research
Lawrence DWhy Read Journals?
Pick, MGCranial Vault Palpation

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