SOTO-USA TMD Directory

The following directory of doctors are SOTO-USA members who are:

Dentists with experience treating TMJ disorders.

Chiropractors who have:

  1. Certification in Cranial Techniques * (CSCP) and/or
  2. Level Two Cranial Seminar (LTC) experience.

Please note all those with CSCP certification have written and oral examinations demostrating their knowledge of what is presented at a Level Two Cranial Seminar.

Looking for a Doctor?

If you do not find a doctor listed near you, contact the SOTO-USA office. We may know an SOT practitioner in your area.


If you are a dentist member or a chiropractic member with cranial certification or have taken the Level Two Cranial seminar and are not listed please click here to submit your contact information.

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