Lantz C, Pinto A  Proceedings of the Int’l Conference on Spinal Manipulation 1991  Apr,  72-5

ABSTRACT: (Authors Introduction): A 56 year-old male Caucasian suffered from psoriasis for 18 years and was diagnosed 5 years ago with psoriatic arthritis (PA). He has a family history of PA. X-rays confirmed classic PA. Several years of medical treatment provided little relief as the condition progressed relentlessly. Pain had become a significant problem. All ranges of movement (ROM) were severely restricted and sacroiliac articulations (SIA)were ankylosed bilaterally. Other classic signs included cocktail sausage digits and skin lesions throughout the body. Cervical flexion/extension studies revealed no upper cervical instability and it was deemed safe to perform cervical adjustments. Initial lumbar treatment produced such dramatic improvement it was decided to more carefully document results of cervical management. Toggle/recoil, was utilized to adjust C1 allowing evaluation of an isolated vector of vertebral movement and the effects of such procedures. In this patient with PA and extensive spinal ankylosis, the response was dramatically positive. Increases in all the cervical but not in the lumbar spine, suggest a specific effect of the cervical adjustments on ROM. Decreases in CROM post-adjustment suggests activation of a guarding mechanism. The qualitatively different response of cervical extension supports this idea. Decreases in clinical symptoms paralleled increased ROM.

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