Borilli F, Dal Bello F.|  J Chiro Ed.|  Spr 2011;25(1):108.


Introduction: Malocclusion is the second cause related to TMJ pain complaints. Improper occlusion and condylar position of the TMJ will provoke the individual’s adaptation leading to dysfunctional symptomatologies. Dental orthopedics/orthodontics is the conventional approach used to treat this condition.

Methods: The patients of this study were referred for chiropractic treatment by their orthodontist before continuing with orthodontic treatment. All patients had a diagnosis of malocclusion and related TMJ pain. The orthodontist evaluated each individual before and after chiropractic treatment. To be able to evaluate the orthodontic profession’s opinion about the effects of the chiropractic treatment a satisfaction questionnaire was used.

Results: The research showed that in 50% of the orthodontic cases there was a positive response in relations to the patient’s occlusal condition. In 66% of the cases the orthodontist found a positive relationship with chiropractic treatment and the patient’s reduced malocclusion. Lastly in 83% of the cases the orthodontist found that the chiropractic treatment was a positive tool to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

Conclusion: The results suggests the chiropractic treatment when allied to the orthodontic profession could help facilitate improved patient outcomes and promote a greater quality of life to the individual with occlusion disorders.

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