Sharifi Milani R; Deville de Periere D; Micallef JP  Cranio  1998 Apr;16(2):109-18


The purpose of this study is to show the effects of dental occlusion on visual focusing. Thirty subjects were divided into two groups: an experimental group who had worn mandibular orthopedic repositioning appliances and a control group who had not worn any oral device. All of the subjects underwent the same visual focusing tests with a Maddox rod and the Berens prismatic bars, from over five meters to 30 centimeters. The results seemed to confirm that the alteration of dental occlusion can induce some fluctuations in visual focusing. The phenomenon occurs after wearing a MORA (Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance) for a while. Feedback effects are gradual after removing the mandibular splint.

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