Braun BL  Arch Phys Med Rehabil 1991 Aug;72(9):653-6


A forward head position and rounded shoulders have been implicated in the development or perpetuation of craniomandibular disorders. Since women seek treatment for these problems more frequently than men, postural differences may account for the increased incidence of symptoms in women. The purposes of this study were (1) to compare the sagittal head and shoulder posture of asymptomatic men and women and (2) to compare the posture of asymptomatic and symptomatic women to determine differences in sagittal plane posture. Subjects were 20 asymptomatic men and women volunteers and nine consecutive women patients presenting for evaluation and treatment of craniomandibular pain. The subjects were compared using a valid, reliable, computer-assisted slide digitizing system called the Postural Analysis Digitizing System (PADS). Asymptomatic men and women did not differ in the postural characteristics associated with craniomandibular disorders. Sagittal posture does not appear to be a gender-related factor in these disorders. Symptomatic women, however, do display these postural characteristics to a greater extent than asymptomatic women. Evaluation and treatment of postural dysfunction should be included in the management of these patients.

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