Berkson DL  MedHypotheses  1991 Dec;36(4):356-67


ABSTRACT: It is proposed that chiropractic and nutritional treatment contribute to the amelioration and perhaps reversal of osteoarthritis (OA). It is further proposed that the chiropractic manipulative thrust, is in effect, treating dysfunctional bio-mechanics of joints, affecting positive cartilaginous change. The pathophysiology and multi-factorial causes of OA are reviewed. New interpretations of the literature surrounding OA are discussed which offer arguments for OA’s treatment and reversal through chiropractic manipulation and nutritional support. Presented is a new model of the chiropractic concept of subluxation (abnormal joint complex resulting in fixation or decrease in normal range of motion) and the chiropractic manipulative thrust. The associated histologic correlates are also discussed. A review of the literature of anti-inflammatory and muscle/joint complex supportive nutrients appropriate for OA is presented. Finally, a complete treatment protocol for OA is summarized.

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