Rodrigues MJ; Lotzmann U; Rudolf W  Stoma (Lisb) 1990 Jul;2(16):33-4, 37-8, 41-2


The influence of divergent splint-adjusted maximum intercuspation on head posture during prolonged phases of clenching was studied in five subjects. During clenching in maximum intercuspation profound changes of head posture were observed, if intercuspation was not harmonized with an upright posture of head and body. Since the interrelation between occlusion and head posture is established a comprehensive approach of orthopedic, physiotherapeutic, and dental measures, in particular for the therapy of myoarthropathy patients with cervical spine symptoms seems appropriate. Occlusal corrections and determination of occlusal relations must always be made or at least checked in the upright relaxed patient with the head straight.

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