Hammond DC  Am J Clin Hypn  1991 Jul;34(1):38-45.

University of Utah School of Medicine.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of survivors of polio are now developing postpolio syndrome. Symptoms include progressive muscle weakness, fatigue, decreased endurance, joint and muscle pain, weight gain, respiratory difficulties, and sleep disturbance, often precipitated or exacerbated by a Type-A Personality pattern. A postpolio patient with Type-A Personality was taught self-hypnosis as a vital component of treatment. Pre-post testing included the Profile of Mood States, the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, the State-Trait Anger Inventory, and the Personal Orientation Inventory; the patient’s spouse was interviewed during the follow-up. At the 6-month follow-up, improvements were documented in pain level, depression, self-regard, self-acceptance, capacity for intimate contact, time competence (living in the present), confusion, anxiety, insomnia, and in trait and state anger. Only a mild improvement occurred in fatigue, and no improvement was found in weight control. Follow-up at 12 months confirmed the maintenance of improvements. Self-hypnosis training may prove extremely helpful for postpolio patients and may prove helpful in modifying central characteristics of Type-A Personality.

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