Ellis P  Conference Proceedings of the Chiropractic Centennial  1995  Jul,  235


ABSTRACT: Introduction: Variation in cervical zygapophyseal meniscoid bodies considered among the contributing factors in etiology of facet arthrosis, a form of degenerative joint disease. A proposed mechanism for this pathology is the chronic intersegmental hypomobility and itssequelae produced in part by larger, dense intraarticular meniscoid bodies. Methods: To evaluate this relationship, cervical joints were dissected and evaluated macroscopically and microscopically for meniscoid bodies and evidence of arthrosis. Results: For these studies 80 joints, from 5 cadavers were evaluated. From these, 26 joints were found to have arthrosis and 18 joints demonstrated meniscoids present. Of the 26 joints with arthrosis, 11 had meniscoids present. However, the remaining 54 joints, without arthrosishad only 7 meniscoids. These findings represent a significant (p=0.023) increase in the incidence of meniscoids in joints with arthrosis (42%) as compared to those joints without arthrosis (13%). Conclusion: These data support the hypothesis that meniscoid formation may predispose to joint arthrosis. Studies are in progress to further evaluate this possible relationship.

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