Tom Bloink, DC, CSP, CSCP

Advanced Maxillary Diagnosis and Treatment (based on the work of Dr. Curt Buddingh) 

Dr. Buddingh is a well-known figure within the SOT community and is known for his deep knowledge of SOT and craniopathy. He continued his study and made significant and impactful contributions to these fields, building on the framework laid by Dr. DeJarnette and others. However, he tended to keep a lot of this work to himself and a few others around him. Dr. Bloink is going to share some of this exciting work, specifically in the areas of cranial-dental interventions, cranial assessment and maneuvers, and vagus nerve assessment and technique.

Hour 1:

The first hour will focus on maxillary growth and development with special emphasis on orthodontic intervention strategies, and when and how to intervene. We Next there will be a short presentation on category 3 cranial distortion diagnosis and treatment.

Hour 2:

The basics of spheno-maxillary craniopathy, including diagnosis and treatment. We will also cover diagnosis and treatment of vagus nerve compression.