SOT Research Conferences (2009-2018)

A Brief History of the Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference

The SOT Research Conference looks to offer a venue for research papers; specifically those, which investigate sacro occipital technique, dental chiropractic co-treatment, cranial techniques, viscerosomatic/somatovisceral, reflex techniques, and new ground-breaking creative ways of helping humanity without necessarily the use of drugs or surgical intervention. The conference proceedings from each annual SOT research conference will be shared with the chiropractic profession, for review, dissemination, and in-depth study.


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For Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DO, DC, research was an essential part of being a chiropractor and essential to the future of the chiropractic profession. As early as July 1935 Major Bertrand DeJarnette was a featured speaker at the 40th Anniversary Convention 1895-1935 of the National Chiropractic Association presenting clinical research. Always research was his passion and in an interview in 1982 DeJarnette reiterated, “as far back as chiropractic college, I saw the need for a more scientific basis for chiropractic theory. My own personal physical problems had not been solved by medicine, osteopathy, or chiropractic; so I began experimenting on myself. I’m still at it, and I can see no end of the need for continuous research in chiropractic[1].”

Research is a study of what you have, and what you need to make it better, and how to make it better is the final research step. S.O.T. never wants to be just good. It always wants to be better and best and greatest and most dependable [2].”

Research in Chiropractic must go on forever. Someone must do this type of work, for it simply will not take care of itself. A profession cannot stand still. Momentum must constantly be generated. Chiropractic research needs many things it does not now have [3].” ”Sacro Occipital Technic, like all Chiropractic Technics, needs further study. We certainly do not have all the answers to all of man’s problems, and neither does any other group of people [3].”

As a parting comment for his chiropractic colleagues Dr. DeJarnette said, “We must respect each other’s beliefs. We must support our colleges and associations. We must work together and unite as a profession. And we must at all times be proud of chiropractic and proud of our calling as chiropractors [1].”

The SOT Conference Proceedings offers full text abstracts relating to topics such as SOT, cranial techniques, chiropractic manipulative reflex technique, occipital fiber diagnosis, and dental chiropractic co-treatment of TMD. The proceedings have information regarding research, evidence informed healthcare, how to produce a poster presentation and more. All conference proceedings books can be purchased ($29.95 USD) through the SOTO-USA bookstore by clicking here.

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