Richard C. Gerardo, DC, CSCP & Lois Laynee, LMT MBA, PhD

Beyond cranial: Balancing the autonomic nervous system

Richard Gerardo, DC, CSP, CSCP,  Lois Laynee, LMT, MBA, PhD

SOT provides valuable insight into the body via it’s diagnostic and pre/post checks, initially through the SOT category system and then even more so within the SOT cranial assessments and treatments. While effective in their own rite, there is always room for improvement and increased awareness of what is happening within a patient’s body and how to improve their condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. One way of accomplishing this is through a more advanced understanding of the nervous system, with an emphasis on sympathetic and parasympathetic tone, as well as the cranial nerves.

This presentation is a sample of a larger neurological assessment that the SOT practitioner can use to enhance his/her patient workup and better patient outcomes.

1st hour  
A short review of SOT cranial assessments, and a review on cranial nerve evaluation and stimulation. Discussion on ways to improve the balance of the cranial-sacral system.

2nd hour 
An explanation and demonstrate of how SOT treatment and integrated cranial nerve assessments can be used to down regulate sympathetic tone and upregulate parasympathetic tone. The main focus for this presentation being cranial nerves IX-XII.

3rd hour
Continue cranial nerve assessments and go over potential treatments for cranial nerve deficits. Again the focus of this short presentation will be cranial nerves IX-XII, which helps reset the autonomic balance and stabilize the cranial-sacral system. 

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