Online CSP Certification

We are happy to announce that you can now take the majority of the coursework for the Certified SOT Practitioner certification (CSP) course ONLINE!

This online course will cover Categories I, II, and III, as well as CMRT and Extremity Technique. In addition, there are interviews with experienced SOT doctors on the history and development of SOT, and how to most efficiently learn and integrate SOT into your practice. This is a great course for those new to SOT, or those who have some experience but want a thorough refresher course.

If you’re interested in becoming certified using the online platform, the process looks like this:

1. Email and send proof of chiropractic licensure (or proof of fulltime chiropractic school enrollment). You will then be emailed a link to the online course where you can sign up, pay for the online portion of the course ($1,200), and complete the online portion of the CSP program. You will have access to the online material for 1 year.

2. After going through the online program, you will need to then complete one LIVE, in person review course designed for those who have taken the online course. We are chiropractors after all, and a hands-on portion is necessary to make sure all questions are answered and that the technique is not only understood and studied, but practiced confidently and correctly. These are typically offered in various locations around the US in late summer/early fall. If there is enough interest in an area, an instructor can potentially travel to YOUR area to do this course.

3. Become a member of SOTO-USA and attend the annual symposium (typically held in the spring). Here you can sit for the CSP certification exam (if you’ve completed BOTH the online portion AND the Live course. OR, if you’ve completed the whole CSP series live).

THE ONLINE COURSE IS APPROVED FOR CE IN SOME STATES, BUT NOT ALL. Please inquire more when emailing your credentials.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can students become certified this way?

Students are welcome to take the online course and the LIVE course, and then sit for the student certification. Upon graduation, that person may then sit for the CSP exam given to practicing doctors.

How much does the online portion of the CSP certification cost?


Once I complete the online portion, am I considered certified in SOT?

NO, this is just one step towards certification. One must also attend the LIVE, in person review course, and then take the exam given at the yearly symposium in the spring.

Are CEU credits offered for the online course?

This course is approved for 18 hours of CE, but only in certain states. There is an extra cost for taking the course with CE. If you have further questions, please email

I have taken some SOT in the past, will I learn anything new in this course?

It’s always good to have a thorough review, and quite a bit of new material has been added to the course that would probably make it worthwhile.

Can I take the online course and then sit for the exam?

In order to be eligible to sit for the certification exam, it is necessary to attend the LIVE review course as well.

Are there any resources that would be helpful for me?

There will be access to SOT doctors as part of the online course to help answer any questions along the way. The SOT manual is also a vital tool when learning SOT and it’s highly recommended. This can be purchased via the SOTO-USA website.