Martin G. Rosen, DC, CSCP

Martin G. Rosen, D.C. is a 1981 summa cum laude graduate of Life Chiropractic College.  He lives and practices with his wife Nancy Watson, D.C. in Massachusetts.  He has two daughters Emily age 28 and Erin age 23, who is currently a student at Life University in the Chiropractic Degree program.  For the past 28 years Dr. Rosen has maintained a successful family oriented wellness care practice in Wellesley MA.  He is the current chairman of the SOTO-USA (Sacro Occipital Technique Organization – USA) pediatric and research committees and the past chairman of the SORSI (Sacro Occipital Research Society International) research committee.  Over the last 26 years he has taught SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), craniopathy, and pediatrics nationally and internationally as well as lecturing on practice management, philosophy, and technique protocols.  He has written the only Pediatric Participant Guide for S.O.T, The Pediatric SOT Spinal Adjusting Manual, The SOT Pediatric Cranial Adjusting Manual, has written a chapter on SOT in the 2nd Edition of “Chiropractic Pediatrics” and he has contributed to the re-writing and editing of numerous SOT related publications.  He has been a quest speaker and teacher for numerous organizations such as SOTO-USA, SORSI, ICA-MA, Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy, WCA Clinical Symposium, Forsythe Dental Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, Channel 56 Health Expo and Children’s Hospital of Boston.

His articles have been published in the Proceedings of the SOT Research Conferences, The American Chiropractor, The Canadian Chiropractor, The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, the SORSI Communicator and the SOTO-USA Dural Connection.  Dr. Rosen is a certified SOT, SORSI, and SOTO-USA instructor, practitioner and craniopath, on the Board of Governors for the WCA, instructor for the ICPA, Board member of SOTO-USA, a consulting member of the Committee for Chiropractic Practice, chairman of the SOT Council for The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and is on the editorial board for The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic.  If you would like to contact Dr. Rosen he can be reached at 781.237.6673 or email at

Curriculum Vitae


• State University of New York at Oswego – 1973
• City University of New York at Lehman – 1978
• Life Chiropractic College (Summa Cum Laude graduate) – 1981


• Pi Tau Delta International Chiropractic Honor Society
• Diplomat of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
• Advanced Proficiency Standing in S.O.R.S.I. for Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT.)
• S.O.R.S.I. Certified Instructor
• Certified Craniopath
• Certified SOT, Cranial and Pediatric Practitioner by SOTO-USA
• Instructor for SOTO-USA
• Instructor for ICPA


• 6-month associateship with Dr. Thomas Devita  (3/82-9/82)
• Private practice specializing in SOT, craniopathy and pediatrics – 9/82 – present
• Teaching SOT for S.O.R.S.I. 1984-1999
• Teaching SOT for SOTO – USA – 1999 – present
• Teaching pediatrics for ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) 2002 – present
• Co-directing Regional Seminar Management-SOTO (RSM-SOTO) (2002-2006)
• Organized, managed, and taught SOT seminars throughout the United States


Author of three texts on Pediatrics
“SOT Pediatric Spinal Adjusting Manual”
“SOT Pediatric Cranial Adjusting Manual”
“ SOT Pediatric Spinal and Cranial Adjusting Participant Guide”

Creator of  “Shaping Your Practice” seminar and workshop

Consultant on SOT Clinical Texts
“SOT Level I”
“SOT Level II”
“Cranial III Clinical Applications”
“Cranial IV Intra-oral Cranial Corrections”
“SOT Extremity Technique”

“Sacro Occipital Technique: Technique and Analysis”  Todays Chiropractic Jul/Aug 2003; 32(4): 22,24-6.

“Sacro Occipital   Technique Management of a Thirty Four Year Old Woman with Infertility: Outcome of Adjusting Protocols Showing a Positive Response to Chiropractic Care” Accepted for publication in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, 2002.

Sacro Occipital Technique [Technique Overview by Matthew McCoy “The Adjustment”] The American Chiropractor Mar 2001; 23(3): 26,31, 34.

”SOT Case Management of a 2 1/2 Year Old Female with a Thirty-five Degree Scoliosis and Two Hemivertebra” Accepted by the IRAPS for Research Presentation, Spartanburg, SC, 2006

“SOT: A Personal Perspective” Canadian Chiropractor February 2007; Vol. 12, No1

Abstract (CM34) Chiropractic Care of Pediatric Nonmusculoskeletal Conditions: A Case Series Accepted as a poster presentation at WFC/ICCR Conference.

Author of the chapter on SOT Pediatric Spinal and Cranial Adjusting “Pediatric Chiropractic 2nd Edition”


• Past President of the S.O.R.S.I. Research Board
• Chair of the Pediatrics Education Committee for S.O.R.S.I. (Sacro Occipital Research Society)
• Chairman of the Seminar and Pediatrics Education Committees for SOTO – USA
• Past Chairman of the Research Committee for SOTO – USA
• Sacro Occipital Research Society International, Inc. (S.O.R.S.I.)
• International Craniopath Society
• Sacro Occipital Technique Organization – USA  (SOTO-USA)
Designed Pediatric teaching program
Designed SOT practice protocols teaching module
• Board of Directors of SOTO-USA
• Board of Governors WCA (World Chiropractic Alliance)
• Member of the Council on Chiropractic Practice (CCP) Technique Committee
• Instructor for Diplomate Pediatric Certification Program for the ICPA
• Chairman of the SOT Council for The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice
• Member ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association)
• Co- director of RSM-SOTO (Regional Seminar Management of SOTO-USA)
• Editorial Board for The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic
• Member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society

Guest Lectures

• Forsythe Research Center (TMJ support group)
• Boston Biofeedback Society
• Boston Craniomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome Society
• International Chiropractors Association – Massachusetts Pediatric Seminar
• Annual S.O.R.S.I. Omaha Homecoming Seminars
• WCA Clinical Symposium – Washington, DC (2001)
• S.O.R.S.I. regional seminars
• SOTO-USA Clinical Symposiums
• SOTO-USA Regional Seminars
• ICPA Diplomat Program
• Great Beginnings Seminar 2004 – Guest Lecturer
• MACP (Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy) – Guest Lecturer
• Boston Children’s Hospital Alternative Medicine Symposium
• Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Women’s Health Symposium
• Generations Chiropractic Super Conference (Boston 2005) – Guest Lecturer
• WBZ-TV “ADHD and Chiropractic” a special segment on the 11:00 news, May 2007
• Doug Stephan Good Morning radio talk show “Chiropractic and Children” May 2007
• Channel 56 Whole Health Expo “Chiropractic Perspective on ADHD” June 2009
• SOTO-USA Annual Research Symposium “SOT Care of a Seven-Year Old Diagnosed with Asperger’s, Allergies and Asthma” October 2009
• Brican System Corporation “For the Children – Rationale for Chiropractic Care” one hour tele-conference, October 26, 2009.
• Chiroview “For the Children – Rationale for Chiropractic Care” one hour tele-conference, 2009.

Contact Information

Martin G. Rosen, DC, CSCP
471 Washington Street
Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482
(781) 237-6673