Marc Pick, DC, CSP, CSCP, FICS

How sacro occipital technique, cranial technique, and functional neurological interventions help patients to maintain optimal body balance.

For many patients balance is an illusive concept and leads to subclinical manifestations that can lead to joint, myofascial, and neurologically related dysfunction. Lack of balance can be due to primary physical and lower kinematic chain anatomical or physiological disorders, forward head posture associated with normal aging, stress, or airway compromise, or related to various sundry of neurological accommodations and compensations.  Often times a patient’s lack of balance is multifactorial and warrants multi-system assessments and treatments.

This presentation will help the doctor unravel the mixed tapestry of patient imbalance and attempt to isolate primary contributions so a treatment and rehabilitative exercise program can be created.  Ideally with pre and post assessment tools we can monitor the patient’s progress and determine if the care is appropriate or needs modification.  Most commonly with greater balance, patients will have better function, and a significantly improved quality of life.

Hour 1: Neurology of proprioception, balance
Hour 2: Causes and issues that create proprioceptive and balance problems
Hour 3: Isolating root causes of balance and proprioceptive issues
Hour 4: Managing various causes for balance and proprioceptive issues