Assessing and supporting craniofacial growth and development through cranial therapeutic interventions. – Dr. Charles Blum

Typical patterns for children and adults with TMJ, apnea, or airway compromise commonly relate to underdeveloped craniofacial systems with decreased sagittal and coronal hard palate growth and development.  Many early childhood orthodonture currently understands the pervasiveness of this condition and offer children various types of orthopedic devices to enhance and restore more normal hard palate growth and development.  This condition has been also found with adults and particularly those with airway compromise related to poor craniofacial growth and development or subsequent to orthodontic procedures where adult teeth were removed during teenage orthodonture.  In this class you will learn how to palpate and assess various types of craniofacial growth and development presentations and how to treat both teenager and adult patients undergoing dental craniofacial expansion treatment. The procedures are also very effective in helping patients with TMD and airway compromise and fit nicely with the cranial sutural techniques taught in the part two of the cranial certification series.