Dr. Dan Tuttle DC, LCSW, QEEG-DL, CC


Explorations into cranial bone corrections and brain function using quantitative Electroencephalography

Course description:

The relationship between chiropractic and brain function has been theorized since the beginning of the profession. With the advent and accessibility of technology, including imaging techniques, we can now investigate and demonstrate how the brain is influenced by chiropractic. To date there have been few studies showing the influence of cranial bone corrections on brain activity. This course demonstrates some of the work that has been done in chiropractic and brain imaging. In addition, we will show the effects of cranial bone corrections on the brain using quantitative electroencephalography
(qEEG) as well as ideas to further demonstrate what is going on in the chiropractic adjustment through brain imaging.

Course objectives:

Hour 1 and 2:

Understand basic characteristics of EEG
Understand the difference between EEG and qEEG
Understand different brainwaves and what they represent
Understand the difference between EEG montaging, surface analysis and source localization
Demonstrate several examples of cranial bone corrections and how they influence the EEG
Compare and contrast relationships between cranial bone corrections and how different corrections have different effects
Offer examples of where further exploration and study can go to investigate relationships between cranial bone function, correction and activity in the brain