Dr. Bill Boro

Topic:  Shoulders: An In-depth Analysis for the SOT Practitioner

Presenter:  William J. Boro, DC, MA

The shoulder joint is a complex joint since it has so many functions from fine tune to gross motor activities.  Because of this complexity we need to thoroughly assess the shoulder joint and the multiple muscles that can affect its function and dysfunction.  This course will share some various types of shoulder presentations, ways of assessing the local muscles affecting the shoulder activity, how to incorporate SOT evaluations and specific SOT and Neurovascular (Bennett Reflexes) / Neurolymphatic (Chapman Reflexes) Corrections for muscles that are not fully functional.  Following this lecture Dr. Boro will perform specific demonstrations in real time so those in attendance can see how this work can be implemented in an office setting.

Presentation Breakdown:

10 minutes:  Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

10 minutes:   Types of Shoulder Dysfunctional Presentations

10 minutes:  Sacro Occipital Technique Analysis and Treatment as Related to the Shoulder

10 minutes:  24 Muscle Tests and Neurovascular (Bennett Reflexes) / Neurolymphatic (Chapman Reflexes) Corrections

                    :  Pectoralis Major Sternal and Clavicular, Pectoralis Minor (2) Subclavius (2), Deltoid (6), Subscapularis (4),

                       Infraspinatus (3), Supraspinatus (2), Latissimus Dorsi (3)

20 minutes:  Patient Demonstrations and Clinical Discussions