9th Annual SOT Conference  – Videos

9th Annual SOT Research Conf. – Introduction – Charles Blum, DC

Dental/chiropractic co-treatment of patient w/ deviated septum, headaches, & TMJ dysfunction

Female with Chronic TMJ Pain Treated with SOT & Cranial Techniques

9th Annual SOT Research Conference – Q&A – Dave Shirazi, Jason Scoppa, & Charles Blum

TMJ Clinical Closed Lock case, Dental / Chiropractic co-treatment

The sacroiliac Nutation Lesion Theory: A Commentary

Cervical Spine Disc Replacement Surgery with Complications

9th Annual SOT Research Conf. Q&A – Gerardo, Blum, Serola, Johnson, Bloink, Shirazi

Leg length, postural imbalance, and stomatognathic relationships – Charles Blum, DC

Low-Tech Anatomic Short Leg Screen – Dr. Robert Cooperstein

Low Oxygen Induced Dizziness in a Cranially Challenged Patient, Case Report

Evidence Supportive of the Theory & Benefit of Osteopathic Cranial Manipulative Medicine

9th Annual SOT Research Conference – Q&A – Dr. Mersky & Dr. King