8th SOT Research Conference (2016) Videos

8th Annual SOT Research Conference. – Introduction – Charles Blum, DC

Tuffier’s Line & Palpatory Iliac Crest – Dr. Robert Cooperstein

Boot-Strapping Practice-Based Research in SOT – Proposal – Dr. Robert Cooperstein

Football Player with Concussions – SOT Interventions – Dr. Richard Gerardo

Lower Back Pain & Pelvic Dysfunction – Cranial Treatment – Dr. Dallas Hancock

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Case Report, SOT Treatment – Dr. Susan Colby Allen

Motion Sickness Treated with SOT, Case Report – Dr. Vincent Esposito

Sacroiliac Joint Pain – Chiropractic Manipulative Methodologies – Dr. Ronnie Chambers

Stroke – Cranial Treatment of 72yo Male – Dr. Esther Remeta

SOT Recording System – Harvey Getzoff, DC

Anterior Thoracic Adjusting Cervical Forward Flexion – SOT – Dr. Harvey Getzoff

Meniscus Tear – Multimodal Approach – Dr. David Sundy

Knee Pain in a Sprinter  & Treatment of Acute TMJ Pain and Dysfunction with SOT- Dr. Jason Scoppa

Thoracic Astrocytoma – Relief of Neurological Symptoms – Dr. William Boro

Diplopia & Orbital Pseudotumor – Chiropractic Case Reports – Dr. Thomas Bloink

Pediatric Patient Survey of Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)  – Dr. Charles Blum

Chiropractic care of a rock climber’s shoulder: A case report – Dr. Charles Blum