4th Annual SOT Research Conference Presentations – Videos

The 2012 Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference will provide a forum within the healthcare community for presentation of original thought and research in 2012. Categories will include SOT Category Analysis and Treatment, Basic Sciences, Clinical Management as well as papers focusing on case reports from the offices of doctors in active clinical practice.

Thursday, May 3, 2012 – 1:00 – 5:00pm

2012 SOT Research Conference Videos


1:00 pm: Introduction to the 2012 SOT Research Conference – Charles Blum, DC
1:00 pm: SOT chiropractic and acupuncture for SLAP tear: A case report. – Christine D. Benner, DC
1:10 pm: Is Sacroiliac Joint Hypermobility an Overlooked Syndrome in Chiropractic?: Designing a Survey Based Research Investigation. – Dov Pine
1:20 pm: Rotator cuff conservative care utilizing sacro occipital technique (SOT) and supportive taping: Two case reports. – Leo Powers, DC
1:30 pm: SOT & CMRT for Treatment of Dyspepsia: A RCT. Charles Blum, DC
1:40 pm: Panel Discussion – Questions and Answers: First Hour (Drs. Pine, Powers, and Blum)


2:00 pm: Sacro Occipital Technique: Occipital Fiber Technique and CMRT – Treating the Canine and Equine- Heidi Bockhold, DC
2:20 pm: A study of the nature of SOT occipital line fibers: A retrospective case series of 65 patients. – Harvey Getzoff, DC
2:30 pm: Integrating temporal-sphenoid reflexes, sacro-occipital technique procedures, and reflexology for treatment of chronic cervical cervical pain and reduced range of motion: A report of two cases. – Harvey Feenstra, DC
2:40 pm: Panel Discussion – Questions and Answers: Second Hour (Drs. Bockhold, Getzoff, and Feenstra)


3:00 pm: Treatment of Low Back Pain by Cranial Adjustment: A Case Report. – William J. Boro, DC
3:10 pm: Latent sciatic technique and cervical traction test: A DeJarnette discovery and case report. – J. Rodney Shelley, DC
3:20 pm: Sitting disc technique and the relationship to the straight leg raise: A retrospective case series of thirty patients. – Harvey Getzoff, DC
3:30 pm: SOT chiropractic care of a 47 year-old female with left-sided sciatica caused by a 16mm left paracentral disc extrusion: A case report. – Martin G. Rosen, DC
3:40 pm: Panel Discussion – Questions and Answers: Third Hour (Drs. Boro, Shelley, Getzoff, and Rosen)


4:00 pm: Pregnancy, sacroiliac support belts, and active straight leg raise (ASLR): Incorporating new diagnostics into sacro occipital technique. – Rick Serola, DC
4:10 pm: Chiropractic and dental care of a patient with temporomandibular and sacroiliac joint hypermobility: A case report. – In the likeness of Richard C. Gerardo, DC
4:20 pm: Research, Scholarship, and the Future of the Chiropractic Profession. – Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH
4:40 pm: Styloid process sensitivity in a patient with low back pain and radicular syndrome: A case report. – In the likeness of Dwight Shaneyfelt, RN, DC
4:50 pm: Panel Discussion – Questions and Answers: Fourth Hour (Drs. Serola, Gerardo, and Shaneyfelt)Conference Closing