Tom Bloink, DC, CSP, CSCP

Friday 4/28/2023   11:10am – 1:00pm

Differential diagnosis and treatment of Ileocecal Valve Dysfunction, Sub Acute Appendicitis, Chronic Sub Acute Appendicitis, and Acute Appendicitis.

Appendectomy is one of the top medical emergency surgeries performed in the USA with almost 500,000 per year. Learn how to avoid this crisis. History, physical exam, and  relevant lab tests will be covered along with treatment options and case management. Special emphasis will be placed on the work of Dr Dejarnette’s original Bloodless Surgery techniques from the 1939 publication.

Hour 1:

Review of anatomy and physiology of the appendix, as well as exam tips and lab analysis.

Hour 2:

Physical medicine techniques and applications, as well as case presentations.