Removing Cranial Dural Stress Patterns through the Sutural System


In this 3-DVD set Dr. Rosen discusses the anatomy of the cranial sutural system, its effect on the dural meningeal mechanics of the cranium, and the global effect this has on spinal and pelvic stability. You will learn cranial landmarks, evaluation protocols to determine cranial sutural integrity, and the corrective procedures for sutural subluxation patterns.

The original sutural correction protocol taught by Major DeJarnette was a seven step process. In this video all seven steps will be demonstrated and you will learn how to incorporate them into your practice. Changing the cranial sutural mechanics affects TMJ function, the dural meningeal system, and head posture and pelvic stability. Learning to make corrections to this system will enhance your ability to correct aberrant postural, meningeal, neurological, and structural imbalances in your patients.

A PDF workbook is included on a fourth disc.