Introduction to Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting


Disc One discusses the use of cranial techniques, the bony and sutural anatomy of the cranium, the dural meningeal system (its attachments and influence on cranial mechanics), and the ventricular relationships of cerebrospinal fluid movement. Also discussed are the different cranial bone ranges of motion: manual, primary and secondary respiratory, and dural. A palpation exercise to familiarize the practitioner with these types of motion is taught.

Disc Two contains cranial adjusting protocols and diagnostic tools with explanations and demonstrations. Techniques shown include: CSF balancing and regulation techniques, sphenobasilar corrections, specific cranial bone corrective protocols (extra-oral), and symptom specific techniques.

If you are looking for a better understanding of cranial mechanics, or want to learn cranial adjusting protocols to incorporate into your practice, these DVD’s will be a valuable tool.

A PDF workbook is included on the third disc.

(Please note: If you have already purchased our video “Clinically Applicable Cranial Techniques for the Adult and Pediatric Patient” the techniques covered in this DVD set are the same, though only adult applications and demonstrations are used and discussed.)