State of Delaware


Division of Professional Regulation
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“The Delaware Board of Chiropractic at their March 20, 2003 meeting received and reviewed your request concerning the Board’s scope of practice. Please refer to the rules and regulations and statute, which can be found on the website at:”

“Statutory Authority: 24 Del.C. 706(a)(1))

1.0 Chiropractic Defined; Limitations of Chiropractic License

1.1 An adjunctive procedure not otherwise prohibited by Chapter 7 which aids and or assists the chiropractor in providing chiropractic care and includes by way of example and is not limited to: · Acupuncture Procedures · Physiological Therapeutics · Diet and Nutritional Programs · Rehabilitation/Exercise Programs”

“Delaware Code: TITLE 24: Professions and Occupations


§ 701. Chiropractic defined; limitation of chiropractic license.

(a) “Chiropractic” means a drugless system of health care based on the principle that interference with the transmission of nerve impulses may cause disease.

(b) The practice of chiropractic includes, but is not limited to, the diagnosing and locating of misaligned or displaced vertebrae (subluxation complex), using x-rays and other diagnostic test procedures. Practice of chiropractic includes the treatment through manipulation/adjustment of the spine and other skeletal structures and the use of adjunctive procedures not otherwise prohibited by this chapter.

(d) All examinations performed by chiropractors shall be in accordance with the protocol and procedures as taught in the majority of accredited chiropractic colleges. (41 Del. Laws, c. 261, § 8; 24 Del. C. 1953, § 701; 70 Del. Laws, c. 514, § 2.)”