Marc Pick, DC, CSP, CSCP, FICS

Thursday 4/27/2023   2pm – 6pm

“Exposing Hidden Cranial Secrets to Ensure Successful Manipulative Strategies.”

Hour 1: Cranial Motion Dynamics: A review of cranial landmarks and osseous motions interrelated to reciprocating inter-sutural collagen tensile resistance and CSF force. A brief review of the meninges role of neuronal suspension and vascular drainage.

Hour 2:  Cranial Motion Dynamics: Osseous motion dynamics governed by Sutural morphological development and hidden structures.

Hour 3: Cranial manipulative strategies: an in-depth reveal into some of the hidden sutural structurers that can enhance or destroy your therapeutic manipulative cranial outcomes.  

Hour 4: Cranial Palpation: to identify the various landmarks and sutural characteristics often misdiagnosed during cranial examinations. Practicum