Jeff Mersky, DC, CSP

Thursday 4/27/2023   9am – 1pm

Advanced S.O.T ® Approaches for The Acute and Chronic
Patient- T9/L5 Adrenal/Hormone/Airway Considerations

Course Description and Syllabus:

This Lecture will provide both new and seasoned clinicians an appreciation of Dr. DeJarnette’s work expanded. It will consist of a 4-hour presentation inclusive of insights into Airway/Oxygen and how it affects the defensive nature (stress) of the body. Hands on training will provide clinical understanding for the special treatment of S.O.T ® CMRT of the Adrenal and Hormonal systems, inclusive of lab and case studies.

Lecture Objectives:

An appreciation for the nature of the human body; why we are here and how we relate to our environment. To give an appreciation of the category system which describes how the body is influenced by gravity and the ability or inability to stand upright creating mechanical stresses.

Exploring how limitations of oxygen through mechanical changes in the jaw/naso-pharyngeal areas creates stress patterns that can deplete vital energy stores (adrenal and hormonal), and distort the healing of Category 2 patients. Exploring CMRT areas T9 and L5 through the work of Dr. DeJarnette. Expanding the mechanical treatment of the system to include saliva adrenal hormone testing to address the need for support and stabilization of these essential organs, leading to balance.

Lecture Topics

Hour 1-2:

Discuss how S.O.T ® is unique and influences the factors for longevity.
Creating an awareness of the common place Airway /Jaw problems that represent up to 40% of our patients causing a low oxygen condition that damages the entirety of the body. Because these are our hard to heal patients I will discuss the need to work with and educate the Dental professionals that specialize in craniofacial, airway and sleep balance.

Hour 3-4:

Looking at the reserves of patients (through lab work), that are compromised by chronic stress due to the above mentioned factors. The need to measure and determine the level of reserves of the T9/L5 components is important to ensure our ability to survive, make babies and stabilize chronic Category 2 patients. Supplements and dietary considerations that help support the adrenal hormone imbalances.