Charles Blum, DC, CSP, CSCP

Friday 4/28/2023   2:00pm – 3:50pm

This year marks the 14th year we will be having our Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference.  

During these two hours we will have 8, ten minute platform presentations with an end of hour 10 minute question and answer panel discussion on the presentations.  In addition we will have at least 8-10 or more electronic poster presentations which will be continually available between classes and during breaks.  Deadline for abstract submissions is January 31, 2023 but early submissions are recommended due to limited space. Students who have an accepted platform or poster presentation will qualify for a paid scholarship for the 2023 SOTO-USA Clinical Symposium.

Friday 4/28/2023   4:10pm – 6:00pm

Category FHP (Forward Head Posture): A new Category in Sacro Occipital Technique

Charles Blum, DC

 As discussed in his editorial in the July 2023  issue of Journal of Craniomandibular and Sleep Practice, it is time to welcome a new category into the SOT arena.  The editorial entitled, “Category Forward Head Posture (FHP): A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care of Craniomandibular, Airway Compromise, and Myofascial-skeletal Kinematic Chain Disorders” discusses the rational for this whole body category with ascending and descending contributions.  Since the descending airway, craniomandibular, and stomatognathic influences involve allied healthcare practitioners such as dentists, ear nose and throat medical doctors, oral myofunctional therapists and others this category opens the door for interdisciplinary cooperation and relationships.

Forward head posture and/or hyperkyphosis is the hallmark of this category and the condition goes far beyond an aesthetic presenting posture.  Patients with hyperkyphosis tend to have increased mortality and morbidity issues that may well be modifiable with Category FHP care.  Category FHP ascending treatment involved innovative block placement, incorporating SOT myofascial techniques specific to this presentation, isolated extremity techniques.  Descending treatments involve specific cranial procedures to enhance craniofacial growth and development, assess and treat tongue and breathing issues, and specific sphenobasilar symphysis strain patterns characteristic of this category.

Category FHP (Forward Head Posture): A new Category in Sacro Occipital Technique

Charles Blum, DC

Hour 1:

Discuss the nature of forward head posture as it relates to airway. Present research supporting idea that forward head posture is largely influenced by airway compromise and disordered breathing.

Hour 2:

Discuss ascending and descending patterns that contribute to forward head posture. Present physical medicine exam and treatment tools as well as co-management strategies and testing.