Charles Beck, DO, FAAO

Saturday  4/29/2023   11am – 1pm

Enhancing pelvic block categorization treatment utilizing the pelvic bio-mechanical principles of Fred Mitchell, DO as well as a presentation on osteopathic assessment and treatment of the upper extremities.

Fred Mitchell, DO was an innovative engineer turned osteopath who studied the nature of pelvic biomechanics introducing a model of how the pelvis functions to the osteopathic world.  Charles Beck, DO shared this model at the 2022 SOTO-USA Clinical Symposium and it became clear that integrating Dr. Mitchell’s work into SOT categorization and block treatment could profoundly enhance the outcome of patient care. 

Go over how to isolate regions of the pelvis and spine using Dr. Mitchell’s leg placements for prone and supine pelvic block placement.


Hour 2:

Share some novel and innovative osteopathic approaches for the assessment and treatment of upper extremity imbalance and dysfunction.  This lecture will focus on the shoulder, elbow, forearm, and wrist and he will also be demonstrating hands on applications.